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Bat Special Areas of Conservation - Planning Guidance for Wiltshire


Bechsteins bat Myotis_bechsteinii-flying By Dietmar Nill [CC BY 2.5 (httpcreativecommons.orglicensesby2.5) or CC BY

This new developer’s guidance focuses on the internationally designated sites of Bath and Bradford-on-Avon Special Area of Conservation, Chilmark Quarries SAC and Mottisfont SAC.

The populations of bats supported by these sites are afforded very high levels of legal protection, placing significant duties on decision-makers to prevent damage to bat roosts, feeding areas and the routes used by bats to travel between these locations.

The guidance explains how ‘Core Areas’ were created around known core roosts linked to these SAC sites and these core areas make up the Bat Consultation Zone. The guidance will be updated periodically as new ecological information is made available.


Bat SAC Consultation Zones added to WSBRC Data Searches

WSBRC standard and bat-only data searches will now check whether the enquirer’s search area is within one of these Bat Conservation Zones. If this is the case then the guidance should be consulted for further information on what to do next.

Bat SAC zones DS











Download the Wiltshire Council guidance document

Further information on these areas and other aspects of the planning system in relation to wildlife can also be found within the biodiversity and development pages of Wiltshire Council's website.

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