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Rutpela maculata, Tim Kaye

On 8th July 2015, a private site near the Firs WWT reserve played host to a BioBlitz event undertaken by Tim Kaye and the Wildlife Trust’s Wellbeing Project.

In total 73 species were found and recorded, a good total made even better by the fact that plants were not being recorded as part of this event there are even a few spiders still to be identified to species level.

The species came from a variety of groups ranging from birds and butterflies to gall wasps, grasshoppers, woodlice and flies some of which were identified with the help of Wiltshire’s county recorders. Because of the range of groups that were recorded many of the species found have only been recorded previously in the county a handful of times, this means that the records for these species add valuable information to our knowledge of their distribution in Wiltshire.

Enoplognatha ovata, Tim Kaye

One of the highlights from the day was the stunning Spotted Longhorn Beetle (Rutpela maculata), which can be found on hedgerows and woodland margins. Also a brilliant Comb-Footed Spider (Enoplognatha ovata) was found this spider is easily recognisable and is common in towns and gardens. All the records from the Bioblitz were submitted to us online using Living Record.

The variety of species found just on one site highlights the diversity of species found throughout Wiltshire and how even a short search can come up with something new and interesting. Recording the species you find wherever you are is a fun and easy to provide records to help protect and conserve them. If this sounds interesting then get involved with our 40 Species Challenge, who knows what species you will find?

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