Wiltshire and Swindon Biological Records Centre

WSBRC Policies

Data Access Policy

Last Updated – 15th August 2016
This policy describes the access available to the records held at WSBRC, the circumstances in which access may be declined and the conditions placed on users. Individuals and organisations can access WSBRC data by making a direct request or by requesting data online.

WSBRC will normally allow access to all of its data except where circumstances described in this policy apply. Non-partner users will generally be charged a fee at the point of use to reflect costs. 

WSBRC Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Last Updated – 3rd August 2016
This document details the role and responsibilities of the WSBRC Advisory Committee, its membership and its representation within the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Conservation Committee.

WSBRC County Recorder Policy

Last Updated – 20th February 2015
This policy sets out to define the role of the Vice County or County Recorder and how WSBRC aims to support the County Recorder network.


ALERC Members' Code of Conduct

Last Updated - 30th June 2016

As part of ALERCs continued development as a professional membership organisation, a new code of conduct has been drawn up by the ALERC directors.

Bumblebee on teasel, William Bryan/ WSBRC