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Map the Gap 

Habitat Mapping, WWT/Rob Large

WSBRC maintains a habitat and land use inventory for the whole of Wiltshire and Swindon. Information comes to us in various different formats (most commonly Phase 1 habitat survey and National Vegetation Classification) and we capture this electronically on GIS using the Integrated Habitat System (IHS).

Good quality, up-to-date, habitat information can be used to inform many important processes, policies and projects in order to protect and maintain important species populations and sites.

Currently around 85% of the County has been mapped so we still have gaps in coverage and, as this data has been collected over a period of decades, much of the information requires updating as land-use or habitats change over time.

The ‘Map the Gap’ project aims to recruit, train and support volunteers to carry out phase 1 habitat surveys of specified sites across Wiltshire in order to fill and/or update these knowledge gaps and inform other projects.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Map the Gap project email us using the form below.


Phase 1 survey training courses

Over the past couple years numerous volunteers have attended Phase 1 habitat survey training courses. These are delivered for us by Sharon Pilkington, our County Plant Recorder.

The training courses are designed to give trainees a grounding in carrying out a phase 1 habitat survey and are aimed at individuals who can volunteer some of their time to support us in surveying/monitoring sites in Wiltshire.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Map the Gap project then contact us or keep an eye on our Facebook page or Twitter feed for information on any upcoming courses.

The Handbook for Phase 1 habitat survey can be downloaded from the JNCC website.

Many thanks to The Wild Flower Society for their generous support towards our 2015 training courses. To find out more about the Society and their aims visit their website.  


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