Wiltshire and Swindon Biological Records Centre

Joint Surveys

Alongside our projects we work with other organisations on surveys dedicated to expanding our knowledge of a certain area. Below are more details on the projects.

Wiltshire Mammal Atlas

We are working with the Wiltshire Mammal Group to create a new county Mammal Atlas and need your help. This atlas project will give us a strong baseline to help assess changes in populations and distribution of the Wiltshire Mammals. Essential to help us make informed decisions for future conservation work. Find out more about the Wiltshire Mammal Group and how to get involved with the atlas 

Invasive Plants

Invasive non-native plants are plants that have not evolved naturally in the UK and cause problems for our native wildlife, our health and our economy. The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust has various projects aiming to tackle the problems of invasive plants along watercourses in Wiltshire. Find out how to get involved with one of these projects. Any sightings of the key non-native species (Giant Hogweed, Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam) can be submitted via Living Record  

River Monitoring Project

The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust's Wessex Chalk Streams Project coordinates the county-wide volunteer river monitoring scheme. River monitors gather information from various sections of Wiltshire's rivers and streams, including invertebrate sampling, recording invasive plants, riparian mammals and birds, as well as monitoring restoration sites. Find out about training and how to get involved


Are you interested in ponds? Freshwater Habitats Trust are looking for volunteers to survey for uncommon wetland plant and invertebrate species in Wiltshire as part of their PondNet project. No experience necessary - attend a training session to learn more! Experienced volunteers can also sign up to do a full wetland plant survey or aquatic invertebrate survey at a pond. Find out more about PondNet and how to get involved.

Thames Water for Wildlife

Can you help the Fresh Water Habitats Trust find the best and most unpolluted freshwater habitats in the Thames Water region? They are looking for volunteers in North Wiltshire to help discover the true extent of pollution impacting our freshwater heritage by using their free, quick and simple water testing kits. There will be also opportunities to take part in surveys for species such as Water Violet, Pond Mud Snail and Great Crested Newt. Find out how to get involved in Thames Water for Wildlife.

Weasel, Darin Smith/ WWT


Orange Balsam, John Notman WSBRC