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Welcome to Wiltshire Bat Group web page

The objective of the group is to promote bat conservation in Wiltshire.

The Wiltshire Bat Group (WBG) is an informal organisation made up of dedicated individuals carrying out scientific studies and running bat conservation projects across the County.

The Bat Group currently holds two meetings each year, on the second Thursdays of May and November. These meetings are open to all contributing members and invited friends. Meetings are informal with the focus being on project updates and future initiatives, but everyone is welcome to contribute.

To join the WBG and for all other enquiries please use wiltsbg@gmail.com. We request a minimum donation of £5 per household per year. Details on how to join and get involved are available on request.

Please do not try to contact the WBG through the WSBRC contact page as they will not be able to respond.



The WBG has been sending regular updates out to members for the last eighteen months. The WBG has over 150 members, but only contact details for 130, so If you are a donor to the WBG and have not received email updates from the Chair, and would like to, then let us know.




Download the latest group meeting notes for the meeting held on 10th November 2016.



Download the latest Wiltshire Bat Group's newsletter. Thank you to the many contributors - 2016 has seen a lot of important bat work which is outlined within. Feedback welcome - is there anything people particularly want to hear about? Contributions for future editions would be very welcome!



General Information


Injured Bats

Members of the public finding grounded or injured bats, or having general bat queries should contact the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) Bat helpline on 0345 1300 228 email enquiries@bats.org.uk.

Leislers bat, Jim Mullholland

The Wiltshire Bat Group has a network of Bat Carers. If you want to be involved, the WBG bat care coordinator can be contacted on wbgbatcare@gmail.com.


All bat records should be sent to WSBRC: the preferred option for submission is via Living Record but for other options and more information go to submit records. Records will be verified by the Bat Recorder and panel for Wiltshire. Any requests for records and data searches will be referred to the WSBRC.



The WBG does not get involved in, and cannot advise on planning issues. Members of the public who have planning queries or concerns over development should contact Wiltshire Council www.wiltshire.gov.uk 

The WBG is not currently resourced to organise or run public events. However, individual members do run bat walks, training events and give demonstrations to members, volunteers and the public as part of their projects. General requests received by the WBG for bat walks, or assistance at events will be advertised and passed onto bat group members.


Wiltshire Bat Group Guiding Principles

All members of the Wiltshire Bat Group are encouraged to uphold the following principles, best practice and behaviours.


Bat ringing, Paul Darby/ WWT
Wiltshire Bat Group members, Will Ponting

New bat boxes, WWT/ Paul Darby


  • Bat Group members should be champions and ambassadors for bat conservation, raising the profile and public awareness of bats.
  • Bat Group members should promote and encourage data recording, forwarding their bat records to WSBRC.
  • Experienced bat workers should provide training opportunities for the next generation of volunteers, including effective engagement with the public, safe handling, bat ID, and surveying techniques.
  • The Bat Group will establish and maintain effective partnerships with other bat groups, statutory bodies and conservation organisations.
  • Bat Group members should be courteous to each other, show respect, communicate openly, adhere to the conditions of their licences, share data, transfer knowledge and ensure duplication of effort is minimised.