Wiltshire and Swindon Biological Records Centre

Electronic recording form

If you'd rather not use Living Record or you have a large amount of data to submit to us please use our Excel-based recording forms. These can be used to enter, store and submit your species data quickly and easily.

Records provided to WSBRC electronically require less validation and processing by the team in order to import them onto our database. It also makes verification in conjunction with our County Recorders a much quicker and simpler process.

Basic Recording Form

If you're just getting started we recommend you use our Basic Recording Form which is suitable for general recording of all species. 

Detailed Recording Form

If you are a slightly more experienced or adventurous recorder who is noting information such as Bat roosts, Water Vole, Otter or Badger signs and Bird breeding activities then please do use our Detailed Recording Form for these observations. 

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Reserves Recording Form

If you are recording on Wiltshire Wildlife Trust reserves, we recommend that you use our Reserves Recording Form. This has a drop down list of all the Trust's reserves with the central grid reference.

Just download the forms above, follow the guidelines on entering your records and email it back when you’re done. If you have need any guidance or further information please contact us.   



Field of Snakeshead Fritillaries, Ryan Tabor/ WWT


Hibernating Dormouse at Blackmoor Copse, Steve Day/ WWT