Data searches

Data Searches

WSBRC provides a comprehensive data search service to all users, including environmental consultants, voluntary organisations and members of the public. This chargeable service is based on the delivery of a standardised set of products but, where possible and resources allow, bespoke outputs can also be made available. We can provide species, site and habitat information within a rapid time-frame and in suitable formats for users.  Is your site within our area?

Data searches will normally be supplied within 10 working days of receipt of a fully completed Information Request Form (IRF) or confirmation of our quote (where this applies), but for a faster turnaround within 3 working days of confirmation (where resources allow) there is a surcharge.

Before you complete the IRF please ensure that you read our data search guidance notes. If you still have questions or are not sure what you require from us please feel free to contact us and discuss your needs before filling out the form.

Searches undertaken will generally incur a charge; for more information please see our charging policy. This is unavoidable if we are to continue to support our local recorders and remain financially sustainable following continued funding pressure.

Enquiries are provided in electronic formats (normally JPEG maps for sites and habitats and Excel or PDF with species/attribute data) but please note that WSBRC does not in normal circumstances provide datasets as GIS files to non-partners.

Example data search site map
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