WSBRC is taking the lead or acting in a supporting role in a wide range of projects across Wiltshire.  These involve working with a variety of partners to collect, use and distribute biological data.

Species Atlases

To protect a species we have to know where it occurs. An atlas draws together historic and modern data to map the distribution of a group of species across whole or part of Wiltshire. This forms a baseline allowing direction of future survey efforts and informing planning and policy making.

As a hub of biological data within the county WSBRC has been, and is, well placed to help in the creation of such atlases. These include:

Wiltshire Amphibian and Reptile Atlas

Mammals in Wiltshire

Cotswold Water Park Bat Atlas

Cotswold Water Park Dragonfly Atlas


Monitoring Projects

WSBRC and our partners work hard to ensure that species and habitats within the county are continuously monitored and protected. It is this continuous monitoring of certain species and mapping the habitats found within Wiltshire that contributes to long term data sets. This provides an understanding of how the landscape is changing and what can be done to protect it. Projects include:

The Braydon Forest Curlew Project

Protected Road Verge Scheme

Wiltshire & Swindon Wildlife Sites

Wiltshire & Swindon Local Geological Sites


Research & External Data Use

As well as using biological data from across Wiltshire ourselves, WSBRC  shares it with organisations such as the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) who in turn share data with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF).

This allows our data to be used as part of research and projects beyond the scope of what could be achieved alone. Data held by WSBRC has been used in projects including: a global encyclopedia of Owls, research modelling the impacts of global change on plants and a scientific paper studying the distribution of the rare bee Osmia pilicornis.

A more complete list of example of external data use can be found here.

Some of our previous projects…


WWT Source to Sea

Wiltshire State of the Environment Report

Wiltshire & Swindon Biodiversity Action Plans

River Monitoring Scheme

Wiltshire Invasive Plants Project

Constituency/community narratives for Wiltshire

New Life for Chalk Grassland

Rebuilding Biodiversity in North Wiltshire

NWD AONB Chalk Grassland Strategy

Swindon Principal Urban Area

SW Nature Map

South West Habitat Inventory

Wiltshire Green Infrastructure Mapping

CWP Bat Atlas - All Bats
CWP bat atlas - all bat field records. Click to enlarge.

Use our expertise…

 Contact us if you are developing a project and would like to include a data management or mapping component, or think you might require biological information, and we can provide you with a quote to fit your needs.

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