Survey schemes

There are always many volunteer wildlife surveys and projects to get involved with depending on your area of interest. Keep an eye on our Facebook page or Twitter feed for more information on these and how to get involved.


WSBRC surveys

Our projects suit a variety of expertise. If enough sites are regularly monitored, we can build up a picture of the changing face of Wiltshire. Although the WSBRC receives records from a great many sources, the majority are provided by volunteers involved in one of its projects.

By drawing together and mapping the distribution of species and habitats across the county, it is possible to identify where conservation effort needs to be targeted and where scarce resources are best allocated. Knowing where key habitats and species are located is also important in ensuring that wildlife interests are properly considered in the local authority planning process.


Sweeping for adult flies, Sarah Yarrow 2007, WSBRC
Sweeping for riverflies
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