WSBRC’s partnership initiative allows us to tailor make an agreement to supply specific services and products that are required by your organisation. We can work together to establish either Service Level Agreements or Data Exchange Agreements to provide funding and/or exchanges of data to support our work. These agreements take into account the services, products and level of support required by each organisation. A cross-section of stakeholders is represented on the WSBRC Advisory Committee which meets quarterly.

The benefits of being a WSBRC partner

By accessing WSBRC’s data holdings you will benefit from a large volume of data collected by through formal and informal survey work of a wide range of experts. In addition, WSBRC staff liaise with colleagues in other local environmental records centres and relevant recording organisations throughout the UK to keep abreast of the ever increasing potential for environmental data and seek to develop new standards and services to maximise these developments.

The cost of running WSBRC, a not-for-profit partnership, is shared between our partners and customers. This is by far the most cost-effective and reliable means of enabling evidence-based decision making for each user of our services. Our services are not available to any organisations outside of a current service level agreement, data exchange agreement or other such agreement.

Visit our WSBRC partners page to find out who our current stakeholders are; to join the list of organisations and groups with whom we work closely with please contact us with your requirements.

Wood Mouse, Andrew Everhale WSBRC

If your organisation or group is interested entering a Service Level Agreement or other type of arrangement with WSBRC you are very welcome to contact us to discuss this.

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