The team

The WSBRC team is made up of 3 permanent members of staff and several long-term volunteers, with occasional variable hours staff and other volunteers joining us on a short-term basis.


Jo Wright – Biodiversity Information Manager

Jo was a conservation volunteer for many years, realising a passion for conserving the natural environment that led towards a career change. She holds a PhD in Archaeology and gained significant experience in academia and commercial fieldwork before working on an archival digitisation programme at the British Library, but prior to joining WSBRC in 2021 she managed a wildlife garden and visitors’ centre. She has a particular interest in botany and fungi.

Chrysoula Drakaki – Biological Records Data Officer

With studies in the fields of Environmental Science and Geographic Information Systems, Chrys manages the WSBRC biological and geospatial data. Having moved away from her native Greece, she volunteered with the Centre of Environmental Data and Recording in Northern Ireland before joining WSBRC in 2018.

Jonny Cooper – Biological Records & Research Assistant

Jonny started volunteering at WSBRC in late 2014 during a gap year and continued to volunteer whilst studying; joining the team as a staff member in 2017. He has an interest in birds, being a keen birder and qualified bird ringer. Within WSBRC he runs the Braydon Forest Curlew Project as well as managing data searches.

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