By using the data provided, the recipient is agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

1). Any payment made relates to the cost of conducting a data search and a proportion of the costs of collating and managing data, and does not confer any ownership or any copyright or intellectual property rights. The information provided is still protected by copyright, and this is held by WSBRC unless otherwise stated.

2). The raw data may not be copied to third parties, published in any form, including on the internet, or supplied to the recipient’s client or consultees without written permission from WSBRC except as in the circumstances given in 3 below.

3). Reports which include an interpretation or summary of the data supplied by WSBRC may be provided to the recipient’s client and consultees provided that:

  • Any special arrangements made in respect of confidential data are adhered to (see below)
  • Full acknowledgement is given in the report to WSBRC and where appropriate, the original recorders
  • Any specific copyright conditions attached to the data including Crown Copyright must be strictly adhered to
  • The data supplied by WSBRC is not amended in any way.

4). Information provided by WSBRC may not be used for any other purpose than that stated in writing by the enquirer, and should not be stored beyond the life of project for which it was acquired, or for a period longer than 12 months without agreement. WSBRC datasets are updated regularly and information within the data search report will become outdated.

5). The data must not be entered onto any permanent database or Geographical Information System without written permission from WSBRC.

6). Whilst WSBRC takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the information supplied is verified and validated, it cannot be held liable for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the data due to the varied sources and time periods that may apply to some of the raw data and to the dynamic nature of biological recording. It therefore cannot accept liability for any consequential, incidental or indirect loss, damage or adverse effect arising from the use of the data.

WSBRC reserves the right not to supply data to enquirers at its discretion. Please refer to WSBRC Data Access Policy for full details.

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