WSBRC is taking the lead or acting in a supporting role in a wide range of projects across Wiltshire.  These involve working with a variety of partners to collect, use and distribute biological data.

Current Projects

Curlew Call

The Eurasian Curlew (Numenius arquata) is in trouble. The number of breeding Curlew in the U.K is declining rapidly. WSBRC is working with landowners in the Braydon Forest to protect and monitor Curlew in one of their last strongholds in the county.


Wiltshire and Swindon Nature Recovery Network

Nature recovery networks are being used across the U.K to identify existing areas of habitat and look for opportunities for linking and strengthening these at a landscape scale.

WSBRC is leading on work to map habitats across the county and produce a nature recovery network for Wiltshire and Swindon.

Other Work

Species Atlases

Understanding where a species occurs is key to protecting it. An atlas draws together historic and modern data to map a species distribution across a certain area, informing recording efforts as well as planning and policy making.

As a hub of biological data WSBRC and is well placed to create such atlases. These include:

Wiltshire Amphibian and Reptile Atlas

Mammals in Wiltshire

Cotswold Water Park Bat Atlas

Cotswold Water Park Dragonfly Atlas


Monitoring Projects

WSBRC and our partners work hard to ensure that species and habitats within the county are continuously monitored and protected. This work contributes to long term data sets which allow changes in the landscape to be understood and informs actions that need to be taken to protect it. Projects include:

Protected Road Verge Scheme

Wiltshire & Swindon Wildlife Sites

Wiltshire & Swindon Local Geological Sites


Use our expertise…

 Contact us if you are developing a project and would like to include a data management or mapping component, or think you might require biological information, and we can provide you with a quote to fit your needs.

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